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“This book can, if you let it, release you from all of the burdens, constraints, fears and worries that weigh you down. It can set you free.”

— co-editor, Geoff Pearson , LL.B., B. Juris., LL.M.


“It was a privilege and an amazing journey editing this extraordinary book. Susan is one those rare beings with insight into what really makes the universe tick and what is blocking us from experiencing sustained Health, Security, Prosperity, Peace and Love. She writes likes she thinks, in a most unconventional way. From the very onset, Susan shakes up our basic understanding of life by altering something as simple as punctuation in a way that actually makes sense. And she goes on to challenge our world view while unleashing our power to literally change the world. I look forward to the day when this book has been translated around the globe and people everywhere who want to do something to make a difference or simply be happy will realize that they don’t have to “do” anything. There is nothing they can “make” or try to “be”—they simply have to pop their bubble of ignorance and see what already IS and IT IS ALL GOOD.”

— co-editor, Janis Sernik , Creative Director, Channel D.


“Susan’s fascinating book enthralled me. Over my journey of editing and understanding, her conversation drew me in and wove itself around my life—it changed my life. I feel more relaxed, open and accepting, like I’ve breathed a sigh of relief! Enjoy!”

— co-editor, Jo Derham, BA (Psychology), Diploma of Educational Psychology and Master in Counselling.


“”When a student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is Truly ready, the teacher will disappear.” This quote is attributed to many different sources—the Bible, Blavatsky, Lao Tse and others. I feel as though Susan has been my teacher since I came to know her and she told me she had been called to write this book. Her passion and knowledge is evident on every page and she has deepened my own understanding of the meaning of life. I certainly don’t want her to disappear as she is now a most valued friend and I feel I have a great deal more to learn from her.”

— co-editor, Jan Armstrong, Psychologist.