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What if you were told that the “material universe in time and space”, a premise that we take entirely for granted and on which we base our whole lives, does not exist as we think it exists? A mild curiosity might be the response, but you would most likely wave off the assertion as ridiculous and get on with your life. But what if your failure to consider this Idea meant a continuation and possible escalation of the vast, unsolvable problems of humanity—problems such as natural and man-made disaster, mental and physical illness, chronic poverty, crime, injustice and tyranny?

As part of a series of existential questions, Susan Pearson asked her Self, your Self, why humans are the most troubled and troublesome creatures on earth. The Answer came—we lack Consciousness of Truth. This book not only explains what Truth is, it offers you the tools of Consciousness—the tools you, the Spiritual seeker, have been waiting for.


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